Awesome Birth Services | The Dry Run (prenatal classes)
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The Dry Run (prenatal classes)



  • 2 prenatal meetings (4 hrs total)
  • A carefully crafted info package with all the best recommendations of books, videos & practical exercises to help you feel confident and ready.
  • Teaching and education on: stages of labour, how your body & baby work together in labour, info & options for pain management, what labour looks/feels like from start to end, specific positions for each stage of labour, and tips on how to work with your body to encourage a smooth and potentially faster labour.
  • Teaching techniques for acupressure, massage, imagery, visualization
  • Discussion of your wants, needs & wishes to create the best “flexible” birth plan tailored to you.
  • A holistic approach, learning how to combine emotional and physical support, to discover what you’ll personally need during the labour/birth/postpartum phases.
  • Optimal nutritional information to keep you feeling energized and strong throughout your labour.
  • Information on Essential Oils to incorporate at your birth to help decrease nausea, pain, increase energy, motivation, and keep you feeling grounded.
  • Open to facilitating the self-discovery process of any fears/anxiety that might stand in the way of your ability to have a calm, confident, enjoyable and memorable birth experience.

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